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Insurance That Works For Hourly Workers

Sometimes it may seem impossible for employees to access the right mix of benefits. At The American Worker, we work with your employer to provide options for meeting individual mandate requirements or options that pay in addition to other coverage. We want you to find benefits that work at a price you can afford. Meet your individual mandate requirements by signing up in a plan with us.

Getting enrolled and using your benefits is easy. The majority of our plans do not require answering health questions for acceptance or impose any pre-existing limitations once you are covered. The plan designs we sell do take advantage of Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks. Depending upon the package of benefits your employer has selected, you may or may not have to use the network.

MEC plans require you to use a doctor who is in-network. This is a list of doctors who will take your insurance as payment for covered services. Fixed indemnity style benefits allow you to use any provider you wish, however, we recommend you use our “Preferred Provider” participating hospitals, clinics and doctors to obtain discounts for these services. Payment of benefits is made by assigning reimbursement to your provider, and should you use a participating provider, the services will be discounted and then paid. You can also elect to receive payment back to you in cash.

Your employer can choose to include other valuable cost-saving features such as:

  • Use of retail or immediate care clinics
  • Our telephonic or online doctor services
  • Patient advocacy and cost reduction assistance
  • Nurse hotline access
  • Catastrophic major medical and critical illness coverage is also an individual option that you can consider

Even with major medical coverage, out-of-pocket expenses can wreak havoc on a hourly worker’s budget. The American Worker can help fill new insurance gaps by providing coverage that greatly reduces your out-of-pocket expenses. The benefits are paid in addition to other coverage, and they don’t coordinate with other private insurance plans. We provide the options to purchase Fixed Indemnity, Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), Minimum Value Plans (MVP), Dental, Vision, Life, Short Term Disability and Critical Illness benefits. We want to help you obtain the right package of benefits for you and your family.