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We Love Making You Look Good

Employers need a stable, supportive, fully integrated system that can provide insurance for hourly workers without making their jobs more complicated. That’s why they’ll call you, because you have access to the technology and resources to manage customized plans. You’re also providing a great value for the price. Not to mention that they’ll trust you can provide their hourly workers with the insurance they need.

The American Worker is a single source for all of your health insurance product needs. We make you more valuable to your clients by providing real solutions, guided by a proven structure that makes sense for hourly employees. Fixed Indemnity, Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC), Minimum Value Plans (MVP), Dental, Vision, Life, Short Term Disability and Critical Illness are all available. The American Worker works with multiple “A” rated carriers, providing options, flexibility and strength. It’s not just great products – we’re with you every step of the way, offering unparalleled producer support from sales through administration.

We’ve done this before. Our administrative solution includes multiple consolidated billing options, enrollment options and dedicated account managers. Our growing list of clients includes well-known leaders in the retail, restaurant, grocery, nursing home and convenience store industries. At The American Worker, we simplify the process so you can offer your clients with hourly workers the insurance they need.

Understanding ACA and the penalties your clients want to avoid is part of your expertise. We are the solution you will match up to your expertise.